Steve Alexander

Steve Alexander

Technology executive specializing in organizational effectiveness

Former senior manager, occasional software engineer, sometime stage improv actor… Steve’s aim is to make work more satisfying, joyful and productive, through raising the collective intelligence of the organisations surrounding our work. To do this, he employs a bricolage of systems-coaching, improv games, Lean and Agile process knowledge, and positive psychology.

Steve is a technologist: never satisfied with something merely working, he is driven to discover exactly what makes it tick. This goes for software systems, but also human and organisational systems, the purposeful connections and structures joining people’s minds and hearts. He’s a practitioner of Agile and XP software development methods, Holacracy, and applied systems thinking — equipping organisations to make better decisions, be better aligned and more compassionate.

Complementing his consulting, Steve is both a teacher and student of mindfulness, in the Vajrayana meditation tradition. He lives in London with his wife, a dog and a cat.

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