Janne Kohvakka

Janne Kohvakka

Agile Coach, ScrumMaster, and author of Nokia LeSS Huge Case Study


Janne has worked for Nokia since 1997. He started as a tester, did also some development but quickly moved to managerial path to work as a project manager and later as a line manager. Janne’s team was involved in one of early Scrum adoptions in Nokia in 2005. Later, the whole organization adopted LeSS Huge in 2007. Janne has been working as a Scrum Master since 2005.

After initial focus on team and organizational practices, Janne started to focus also on technical practices (after more than 5 years of not writing or reading of any code). He became the main contributor and coach for TNSDLUnit framework - unit test framework for in-house TNSDL programming language. Later, Janne has been involved in developing Rammbock protocol test library for Robot Framework. He coaches and trains test automation using Robot Framework and Python (many times combined with SBE).

Janne is a generalist in a sense that he wants keep an understanding on all Scrum Master focus areas (Organizational, Team, Product Owner and Technical Practices). He loves to pair up with people for their real work to learn what it really is. He currently works as a full time Agile Coach for a huge product in ongoing LeSS Huge adoption

More info at his LeSS profile