Jacek Bochenek

Jacek Bochenek

Scrum Master at Nokia Networks


Jacek started his software development career working for the Wrocław University of Technology in 2009, studying measures of semantic relatedness used in the extension of the Polish WordNet. Upon graduation in 2011 he started working in Nokia as an LTE eNB developer using C++, Python and TTCN-3 among others.

After a year of working in a Feature-ish Team he started working as a Scrum Master-dev combo. After a few years of trying to make that work, he switched to a full time Scrum Master model with some nosy, annoying and hopefully constructive pairing involved. He is currently supporting the LeSS Huge adoption in Nokia’s LTE eNB.

Jacek is particularly interested in the creativeness that both individuals and organisations display in inventing narratives against any sort of meaningful change and finding alternative uses for said creativeness.

More info at his LeSS profile