Technical Practices In Less. Why Are They So Important And So Hard?

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  • 11:00-12:00 31 Aug, 2016

It’s a trap!

I started my managerial career because I was a passionate software developer. I seemed to have more interest and ego in making great software than most of my peers so I was promoted to be a leader. And I started climbing the ladders. I didn’t find out that’s a trap until many years later and I went back to be a passionate software developer again.

But it’s not just a trap for me. It’s a trap for my organization too. Such organisations learn very slow.

In this session I’m going to talk about why technical practices are so important to large software organisations and how to create a learning organisation that supports the adoption of these new practices.

Terry Yin

Terry Yin

Early LeSS ScrumMaster, Agile Coach, LeSS site developer, and Lizard static analyzer creator.