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  • 14:00-15:00 30 Aug, 2016

In summer 2014 Base Company (or a small part of it) decided to try out Agile, Scrum within their delivery department to soon discover that one needs to bring Agile beyond delivery. From there on the road has been bumpy with lots of learning to share.

  • Disruptive change or evolutionary change?
  • Project oriented organisation or product oriented organisation?
  • Keep PMO or not? How many PO’s?
  • Engineering practices and C.I.? Devops?

Many choices, many experiments.

Who said an elephant can’t dance?

We’ll bring the story how an organisation where frustration and blame were the main values people lived by went to an organisation where collaboration and fun is prevailing.

  • What was the situation mid 2014?
  • How did it start?
  • How did it grow beyond delivery?
  • BOLD 1.0 disruptive change, from project to product including offshoring partner organisation
  • BOLD 2.0 disruptive change, work going bottom-up instead of top-down
  • Telenet merger brought extra opportunities
  • Situation today
  • Q&A
Jurgen de Smet

Jurgen de Smet

Management Coach & LeSS Trainer

Luc Schillebeeckx

Luc Schillebeeckx

Coach of Change at Telenet Group